X17 - Specs

Blades 6, 9
Chassis type Steel
Cutting width 17”
Height adjustments

Central lever

0.125” - 1.375”

Chassis thickness 0.14”
Cutting Cylinder 17”
Grass catcher capacity 35 L
Recommended lawn size Medium

Rolux X Reel Manual

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My mower leaves a ragged finish

  • Cause: Reel not correctly adjusted. 
  • Remedy: Adjust the reel

  • Cause: Cutting blades blunt      
  • Remedy:  Sharpen blades

My engine will not start

  • Cause: Engine may be flooded
  • Remedy:  Leave for 10—15 minutes to allow the excess fuel to evaporate and try again.

  • Cause:  Spark plug lead not connected       
  • Remedy: Reconnect

  • Cause:  No oil
  • Remedy:  Add sufficient oil

My reel does not rotate

  • Cause: Incorrect adjustment – Reel set too tight against the bedknife
  • Remedy: Adjust the reel as outlined above.

Drum (rear rollers) does not engage

  • Cause: Incorrect adjustment of the clutch cable
  • Remedy: Increase tension of clutch cable by adjusting/tightening the nuts.

Reel cuts higher on the one side and lower at the other side 

  • Cause: The alignment of the front roller is not parallel to the bedknife holder/mount.
  • Remedy: Adjust the front roller so it sits correctly in the bracket, ensuring that it is parallel to the bedknife holder/mount.

Poor collection of grass

  • Cause: Mowing in wet conditions
  • Remedy: Allow lawn to dry sufficiently before continuing to mow.

  • Cause: Deflector plate too high, throwing grass over
    the grass catcher.
  • Remedy: Adjust deflector plate to top setting

Excessive vibration / noise

  • Cause: Blade(s) or/and reel bearing damaged or coupling unbalanced
  • Remedy: Contact your local dealer