About Us

In the early 1960’s engineer Dennis Loxton set himself the task of building a reel mower that would combine the best qualities of available mowers and combine them in one machine.
Leaning heavily on the best parts of other reel mower brands, in 1965 the first Professional™ reel mower was produced. In 2015 the Professional™ brand was incorporated into Rolux, and forces were combined to produce the ultimate mowing machines.
The result was a brand of reel mower which committed to meeting four critical qualities:
  1. It must cut perfectly and produce a classic striped lawn.
  2. It must be simple to use and simple to maintain.
  3. It must be a joy to use.
  4. It must be engineered to last for 50 years.
Although Dennis sadly passed away before the 50 years was up, his machines have surpassed his requirements, 58 years and counting. Dennis’s legacy has been preserved through the years by providing not only the highest quality mowers, but the highest quality customer service too. All spares for all machines dating back 58 years are still available for sale.
During 2020 we shipped our first cylinder mowers to Australia where they are sold under the Cox Professional brand. In 2021 we sold our first reel mowers in the Middle East.
We are very proud to be introducing our Rolux X20 reel mower into the US market, and we know our customers will feel the love and energy that goes into every product we make, and that they are truly Built For Life.